RezaAbad Village

Also known as: Reza Abaad Village, Reza Abad Village

Rezaabad is a historical village in the heart of Dasht-e Kavir near Khar Touran National Park- the second largest biosphere reserve on the planet. This village is located 50 kilometers northeast of Semnan City – 226 kilometers east of Tehran.
This small village which is literally an oasis in the desert area of Semnan with only about 300 inhabitants attracts numerous tourists thanks to a wide variety of attractions both natural and cultural. It does not matter if you are a nature enthusiastic or culture avid or even a history lover this village has something to offer.


Rezaabad Village enjoys an exemplar of the architectural properties of a desert village in Iran: Adobe dome-shaped houses. This kind of architecture results in better air conditioning which is vital especially during long hot summer days and freezing winter nights. In fact the locals through ages have learnt how to be compatible with nature. 

Nature and wildlife

The Surrounding desert is the Dasht-e Kavir with sand dunes, sandy hills in different shapes and a sand river. Moreover, in the south of Rezaabad Village you may have a full day trekking in Khartouran National Park and Wildlife Refuge with worth seeing flora and fauna including Asian Zebra, Pleske's Ground Jay and Cheetah.

 Cultural Attractions

Traditional clothes worn by the locals represent not only their lifestyle but also a way to understand the cultural properties of this part of the country. Also, handicrafts and tribal motifs made by hardworking rural women are interesting and aspiring probably for everyone. Nowadays, the village is one of the main centers in Semnan Province to produce colorful Kilims made from different kinds of sheep and camel wools with different patterns aspired by nature. If you are a history buff you may visit Rezaabad hill dating back to 14 centuries ago and registered as a national heritage. 
Camel riding and star watching are among the activities you may have during your stay in this village. Also black tents of nomadic near the village are another attraction you might be lucky to visit if you travel in proper time.


Occupations of the Village People

The main occupation of the inhabitants is animal husbandry and livestock products such as milk and yogurt. Harvesting medicinal herbs and mushrooms is another source of income. Also, some village houses offer accommodation to travelers in exchange for money.

Available Lodging

There is an ecolodge named Touran Gasht in the village offering local food and lodging so a closer cultural touch is available to travelers.

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