Rayen Citadel

Also known as: Arg-e Rayen, Rayen castle, Ghale-ye Rayen, Arg-e Rhine

Kerman province consist of different climate from desert to mountain. Rayen, a city located in skirts of mountain Haraz was an strategic city due to its commercial situation. It was located in the ancient Iran exporting and importing route. That's why the citadels were built in the city.

Rayen citadel which is known as the second largest adobe castle in the world (22000 square meters), has gotten more attention after the destruction of Arg-e Bam (the largest one) by an earthquake in 2003. The 1000 years old castle has square plan. Surrounded walls are about 10-meter high holding several watchtowers with only one entrance in western side.

There were luxurious and ordinary residence domiciles, bazaar, stable, mosque, Zurkhaneh (a traditional place for sport), Maktabkhaneh (traditional Iranian school), storehouse, etc.

Some parts of Rayen citadel have repaird to host visitors.


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