Rab-e Rashidi

Also known as: Rab'-e Rashidi, Ruins of Rabe Rashidi University

Seven hundred years back, a patriot freeman, Khwaja Rashid-al-din Fazlullah Hamedani, minister to Ghwzan Khan built an international comprehensive endowment complex in Tabriz, the glorious capital city of Iran as a superpower of that era.

This educational, residential, craftsmanship and academic town consisted of mint house, dyeing workshop, paper production plant, public bath, an educational hospital affiliated to the medical college of the complex, few mills, 1500 shops, 24 Caravanserais, 30000 houses, few gardens, a winter mosque, a summer mosque and an almshouse outside the complex to feed 100 needy people daily.


The dean, lecturers and directors had their own residents according to their rank, while there was also a quarter for students and simpler accommodation for other personnel.He was a wise governor and intelligent diplomat politician.

Rab-e Rashidi had invited world class professors from all over the country and the world to teach. Foreign students were also studying there.


He had compiled the letter of endowment consisting of the detailed management system of the complex. The original letter is now in Tabriz library. And once again, a bitter happening in the history of the world: He was killed finally and belongings of his complex were plundered by ignorance, the eternal enemy of the civilization and culture.

Today only a small part of this masterpiece has remained in Tabriz. Human nature may be proud of a great man like Khwaja Rashid-al-din Fazlullah Hamedani forever. Iranians are proud of him forever.

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