Qurtan Citadel

Also known as: Ghoortan Citadel, Qurtun Citadel

Located in the Isfahan province, it's said to be the world's second largest adobe structure after the Bam Citadel in Iran. Qurtan Citadel is also one of the rarest fortifications of its kind where a functional society still lives within its perimeters. The building was a fortress which protected its residents for more than 1,000 years.


A Millennium Old Fortress!

The fortress is said to have been built more than 1,100 years ago but the origin of the village is believed to date back as far as the Achaemenid dynasty of the sixth century before Christ. The citadel was reportedly built later to protect residents from repeated invasions. Information about this awe-inspiring building is inadequate. Some believe the castle was used as an arms depot.


Once Inside, You’re Safe and Sound!

The structure, built over five hectares of land, is bounded by a fortified wall nine meters high which is punctuated by 14 towers, measuring 12 meters in height. It had two portals which were locked whenever a threat loomed, keeping those inside from any inroads. The renowned Zayandeh River flows by the side of the citadel en route to Isfahan.


Life Inside the Citadel

Until 60 years ago, the entire community was settled inside the bastion but the residents have moved since and built a village nearby. There are however a few families who still live inside the citadel. Their traditional life, local food and age-old handicrafts are among the rare attractions of the desert life.


Other Landmarks

There are a few other sites which are no less attractive. A castle, a water reservoir, several old mosques and a marvelous pigeon house are among them.

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