Quri Qale Cave

Also known as: Qoori Qale Cave, Ghoori Ghale Cave, Ghuri Ghale Cave

Northwest of Ravansar, Kermanshah, you can find one of Iran’s seven natural wonders. Explored in the 1950s, Quri Qale Cave is the biggest Cave in western Asia at 12km in length, and 3,140m in depth; now that’s big!


Chambers of the Fortress

Quri Qale Cave contains three main chambers, with breathtaking calcite crystals, stalactites and waterfalls. Let me walk you through it:

Upon the entrance you are welcome with a large lake surrounded by countless stalactites, leaving you with the amazement of 65 million years of formation. This area has been named Mary’s Chamber as one of the stalactites looks like Virgin Mary.
At a depth of 1000 meters, you will come across the most beautiful blue pond you have ever seen. Here you will also come across drape like stalactites that make musical sounds when touched. This area is called Beethoven’s chamber.
The Bride’s Hall is the last of the 3 chambers at depth of 1,500 meters. The sheer beauty of the scenery is impossible to describe, with its white shiny crystal floor which leaves your foot prints as you walk, to the roof, with thin transparent needle like calcareous sediments ranging from 2 to 8 meters.


Continue in Amazement!

But the beauty doesn’t stop there, and I will tell you why. Here is list of some other important facts you should know before stepping foot inside this wonderland:

* 2700 meters later the cave will surprise you with four amazing waterfalls with a height of 10 to 12 meters.
* The temperature of the cave is between 7 to 11 degrees throughout the year.
* Quri Qale is home to a rare colony of mouse eared bat.
* The cave was used as a fortress during the Sassanid era. At the mouth of the cave Archaeologists discovered paintings on the floor, 8 silverware, pieces of pottery and 15 coins dating back to Yazgerd III.
* Around Quri Qale, several other caves have been found with proof of housing Stone Age hunters 12 to 15 thousand years.

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