Qale Bala Village

Also known as: Ghale Bala Village, Qalebala Village, Ghalebala Village

A stepped village, rare combination of mountainous landscapes and desert mirages, Maav valley, two plains named, Aliangar and Delbar, as well as two fountains, Ghods and Massum, one fountain for each plain! Qale Bala Village is dry and warm in summer and moderately cold in winter. One of the most visited desert villages and host to local and foreign tourists, nature lovers and those who are seeking for rare fauna. Qala Bala is habitat of Iranian Ground Jay (a species of bird in the Corvidae family).


It is “The green signet of Touran

Do you know why?

Old and tall plane trees, plenty water resources together with green fresh fields  have shaped a heavenly oasis  in the form of a  green strip on the mountain slopes, standing higher than other villages around. 


Precious hand woven cloth

People of this oasis are very good at silk worm raising. They are also perfect silk cloth weavers. You may buy some pieces of them and remember this lovely place at home when you see these colorful vivid cloths showing off on your coffee table or your bed charmingly.


Gifts of nature for you 

Pomegranate, walnut, apricot, yellow fig and grape are the best gifts of nature for you in Qale Bala. Wheat, barely, pepper and green cumin are also produced in this village.
Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Your enthusiastic hosts will burn Esfand (wild rue) on charcoal for you to protect you from bad eye. You may name it as “local health insurance” (!) if you like. Handicrafts market and traditional ceremonies and rituals are also held during peak seasons.

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