Park-e Shahr

Also known as: City Park

Tehran's Garden of Eden

Park-e Shahr (City Park) is the first public park and one of the biggest ones in Tehran with an area of about 25 hectares. Located in an old district downtown, the park is seen by many residents as the city's Garden of Eden ringed with sky-scraping trees where you can get a break from the hustle and bustle of the Iranian capital.


Densely Wooded Land

Built in 1960, the Mega Park is covered with a variety of trees such as pistachio and hazelnut, oak, pine and common ash. The densely wooded area offers you cool leafy shade in summer and picturesque scenery with vibrant colors in fall.


More Than a Park

Enter the park through the northern gate, and find a river of splash fountains sloping down to the southern gate.  In one corner, there is a small artificial lake, big enough for taking a pedal boat trip. If you are a bird lover, this park is home to a humble aviary where different species like macaw, cockatiel, budgie, pheasant, peacock, turkey, duck, quail, partridge, and a variety of ornamental pigeons are on display. There is also an aquarium of freshwater fish, making it more than a usual park.


Peace Museum

The Peace Museum is one of the attractions of the park that has been established to promote peace and harmony. The crimes committed during the World War I and World War II have been depicted in the museum.

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