Palangan Village

Also known as: Patagān, Patakān, Tangān

Palangan village is one of the most beautiful villages of Kordestan province. The houses of this village are built by stones while the roofs are constructed of wood covered by mud. Like Masuleh the roof of one house serves as the courtyard of the upper house. Close to this village we can see ruins of an ancient fort dating back to B.C. The fort is situated in a valley called Tangivar in which we can see an ancient stone inscription dating back to 700 B.C.

The locals wear their traditional outfits. Fish farms are located around the village benefitting the natural water resources.

Pahalgan village's nights are a sight to see when the dim lights of the houses light up the mountain.

Lots of beautiful handicrafts are prepared by the locals. While visiting this place you can try the `Attash Chai` , a special brewed tea on fire.

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