Padeh Village

Also known as: Pa Deh Village

Set on the northern outskirt of Kavir desert, Padeh Village is located 25 kilometers east of Garmsar County, Semnan Province. Due to its location, the village has a steppe climate, varying from hot weather in summer to cold arid weather in winter. 
Located between Alborz Mountains and Kavir Desert, the village has a variety of vegetation including shrubs, alhagi, milkvetch, salt cedar, wormwood and wildlife such as partridge, hawk, fox, wolf, hyena and hedgehog. The village has a long history and it used to be on Silk Road.

Padeh Castle

Padeh Castle is the top attraction of the village, surviving through pre-Islamic and Islamic era. Due to the magnificence and architecture, castle is believed to have been a military fortress during Sassanid Empire (224 to 651 AD). It is now registered as a national monument.

Padeh Cistern

Dating back to Qajar Empire (1785 -1925), Khoni Cistern is 7 meters deep and 5 meters wide. Village elders used to shut the cistern gate in winter to fill its reservoir up with running waters and opened it in summer to use its fresh, cool water. 
Another aquatic structure is the ice house. As an adobe structure, it used to function as a traditional refrigerator. The ice house is also registered as a national monument. 

How to Get There

In order to get there, you need to take Tehran-Mashhad highway on the outskirt of Kavir Desert of Iran. It is a 135 kilometers ride.   

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