Ovan Lake

Also known as: Evan Lake

Mountainous Lake

If you are in the mood for a lakeside picnic, Ovan would be great. Ovan Lake, some 70 km northeast of Qazvin, can be accessed by Alamut road, the meandering road to the historical fort of Alamut. It turns and bends till you can not tell south from north. A signboard shows where to be off the main road.
The alpine, freshwater lake is 325 meters long and 275 meters wide, at the maximum depth of 9 meters. 4 villages of Ovan, Varbon, Zavardasht, and Zarabad are round the lake at a distance, as if they are sharing the indigo sapphire.

Untapped Nature

Reeds and hornworts make a good home for salmons, carps, and pikes. Thanks to the rich vegetation, the lake is an inviting environment for geese and ducks.
Willows, sycamores, apples, cherries, sour cherries, buckthorns, walnuts, and hazelnuts are surrounding the lake. When the wind ripples the sparkling surface of Ovan, the tall trees sway and rustle. After dark, cicadas join in and sing.

Four-season Attractions

Ovan Lake is great place for fishing, swimming and boating in summer. It hosts migratory birds such as swan, goose and duck in autumn. In winter, come and see its frozen surface of the lake which can also be used for sports such as skiing and ice skating. If you visit the lake in spring, you will enjoy the green vegetation on nearby mountains and also the cool weather.

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