Neor Lake

Also known as: Ne'or Lake

Without question, it is one of the most splendid freshwater bodies in Iran. Meltwater from mountains in probably the most scenic expanse of land in the country has made it a pristine nature reserve snugly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the civilized life. Enterprising travelers are adding the site to their itinerary and that number is increasing rapidly. Neor is being mentioned with rising frequency along with Soubatan, which is a stone’s throw away; so make sure you don’t miss out.



It’s based in northwestern Ardabil close to Hashtpar in Gilan province at a surface elevation of 2,700 meters. At about 220 hectares, Neor Lake is the largest water body in Ardabil by volume and has an average depth of 4 meters. A tarred road from Ardabil provides access to the lake but the most resourceful travelers also use the unpaved road from Soubatan in Gilan to visit Neor.



Neor is a dazzling ecotourism attraction with its unique and magnificent mountain and lake scenery throughout the year. Fishing in spring and summer, especially for its prized salmons, is the most important part of its nascent economy and reputation. One Iranian scientific magazine has described the lake’s fish as the tastiest of all salmons in the world; now who doesn’t want to try that out! Every year before the winter, the entire stock is fished because the lake freezes in sub-zero temperatures, making it a wonderful ski resort.


What to expect

Neor is an ideal place for summer outdoor recreation. The shimmering silver water in the moonlight is something beyond this world which has to be explored and experienced.

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