National Botanical Garden of Iran

Also known as: Iran National Garden, Plant museum of Iran

National Botanical Garden of Iran is a special alive museum which you can see the plants from all around the world. While you are walking at one erea you feel you the walk  in the north Iran's Hyrcanian jungle, what makes it more interesting is that you will be in Japanese garden in five minutes. After a while you may be in northern America environment!
National Botanical Garden of Iran is located at west of Tehran city, where the weather is more fresh. It is about 145 hectares area designed to be a model of different gardens. There is a square in central part of the gardedn followed by four boulevard in four sides.
There are at least 3000 types of plants including shrubs, bushes and trees from all over Iran and other habitats in the world like Europe, America, Asia (Japan, China and Himalaya).  Also you can find medicinal and decorative plants as well as endangered flora.

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