Narenjestan Garden

Also known as: Qavam House, Narenjestan-e Qavam House, Narenjestan Museum

It is built in Naser al-Din Shah era (1831-1896 AD), the second Qavam al-Molk (the governor of Shiraz) started to build the mansion, but after his death his son, the third Qavam al-Molk finished the construction.
Due to bitter orange trees in garden it is called Narenjestan (meaning garden of bitter oranges). In fact current garden was the Biruni house of the complex, while the Andaruni house was Zinat ol-Molk house which connected together by a corridor.
It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz due to mirror works, glass works, stucco relief, wood carving, carvings, muqarnas, etc. The area of the house is about 940 square meters, while the mansion is built two meters upper than the yard. The ceilings are covered by warm color paintings with different designs.
In Pahlavi dynasty the garden awarded to Shiraz University and professor Arthur Upham Pope directed the house. Today it is a museum open to public.


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