Namak Abroud Cable Car

Also known as: Namak Abrud Chairlifts

Namak Abroud is active and alive during the twelve months of a year. Here, every season has its own unique environment and sense that will create one of the best travel experiences of your life. Natural beauty of this region is something no one may forget.


Red car or Silver one?

Line one - 42 fiberglass red cars, each for 4 persons, travelling 2100 meter distance at 3 meter per second to reach Medoban peak, you may eat and drink for refreshment, there at 1050 meters above the sea level.

Line two is newer, 35 silver color cars, each for 6 people, 8000 passengers per day and twice faster than the first line. If you take these silver cars you will travel 1700 meters and your destination is Divhammam natural caves. Temperature on these two peaks is 10 C lower than ground level. You will enjoy fresh green landscapes in spring, summer and fall.

Winter lovers also will be enamoured surely when viewing the snow covered forest and mountains. Powerful generators are installed for urgent offloading of cars in case of unexpected electricity cut but No incident or power cut has been reported to date.
Both lines are under perfect intelligent maintenance system based on daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections.


Facilities, Possibilities

A five star hotel, water sports, shops and coffee shops, playground, air gun shooting ground, biking and motor biking routes, dolphin show, helicopter and small aircrafts and a luna park together with a man-made lake with pedalos, all in very good condition are available near Namak Abroud Cable Car. Well trained personnel are also trying their best to create happy hours for you and your family.

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