Mountain Damavand

Also known as: Mount Damavand, Mount Demavend, Damavand peak

Mount Damavand (5671m) is the tallest peak in Middle East and the most outstanding natural monument in Iran. It is also the second highest volcano in Asia (After Kunlun Volcano in China) .Mount damavand is one of the best montains to climb in Iran. Apparently the very first person to conquer this mountain was Tyler Thompson in 1837. Twenty years later, Colonel Mohammad Sadegh Khan Qajar also accepted the challenge. “Sleeping Beauty” is a suitable name for this symbol of resistance and magnificence in Iranian myths and literature since it is both beautiful and sleeping.


Why Beauty?

Mount Damavand is a real beauty since it consists of vast fresh pastures, cold and warm springs, rivers, rivulets many waterfalls and several natural ice houses. Their entire skirt is covered by an Anemone species which, according to the World Botanical Book, is a unique species exclusive to the area, and seen nowhere else in the world.


Why Sleeping?

It is believed that Damavand’s last eruption occurred nearly 38 millenniums ago. At the moment the volcano is dormant, and who knows when it will awaken. Let’s just hope you are not there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mid-May till mid-June is the best time to visit and the southern front is the safest direction for climbers, but they are not alone there: Bear, Wolf Jackal, Boar and Rabbit are also there to keep them company. The mountain covers 290 hectares and the crater diameter is 400 meters, always covered with Ice. Trekkers will enjoy mountainous weather, unique views and countless fauna and flora of this magnificent mountain.

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