Mofakham Mansion

Also known as: Emarat-e Sardar Mofakham, Bojnurd Sardar Mofakham Building, Sardar Mofakham Edifice, Mofakham Mirror House

While Nasereldinshah (Qajar king, 1831–1896) ruled in Tehran, his governor at Bojnurd, Sardar Mofakham, ordered to built the best and biggest Qajarian mansion in north east of Iran.
The mansion is built on 2 storeys holding 34 rooms and 2 big halls, decorated with mirrors, tiles and stucco art.
Beside Mofakham Mansion, there were some other buildings like Ayeneh Khaneh (mirror house), Hozkhaneh (pool house) and pavilion which were called Mofakham complex. After a powerful earthquake happend in Bojnourd Ayeneh Khane and Mofakham mansion are the only buildings which are stable yet. An attraction worth to see is the portraits of 134 celebrities of Iran since Safavid to Qajar dynasties prepared during Sardar Mofakham era.

Ayeneh khaneh was Sardar Mofakham's official building is currently used as an anthropology museum.

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