Milad Tower

The 435-meter concrete structure has been watching over the Iranian capital since 2008.
It bears a striking resemblance to Toronto’s CN Tower and attracts thousands of tourists just like its Canadian look-alike.


Multi-purpose Structure
Visitors to the Milad Tower first pass through a beautifully-decorated outdoor area, leading to a 6-story lobby. The lobby includes a food court, cafeterias and a showroom for various products including Persian carpets and handicrafts.
Visitors can then use one of the six glass-windowed elevators to reach the top of the tower. They can enjoy a remarkable view of the city as the elevators make their way up to the top.
The Milad Tower’s octagonal shaft narrows up to the main pod, a steel structure of 12 floors, featuring a revolving restaurant, cafes and an art gallery.


Panoramic View
Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city from an outdoor observation deck of 280 meters high on the 7th floor of the tower’s head, or an indoor area on the 4th floor.
The highest public floor, the Sky Dome, is a glass structure of 13 meters high. Its shaft has been decorated with stunning artworks depicting Persian mythological motifs.
Milad Tower also boasts the highest marine mammal park in the Middle East, as well as a laser light show, paintball field, a fish spa and an international convention center.

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