Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge

Also known as: Miankaleh peninsula, Miankaleh Wildlife Sanctuary, Miyankaleh Wildlife Refuge

Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge is the first internationally registered peninsula in Iran which contains certain biological, historical, economical and sightseeing riches, therefore being of main interest to ecotourism, especially bird watching. This locale includes the Miankaleh peninsula, Ashurade island and the Gorgan gulf. The Miankaleh and specifically the Ashuradeh island are among very few natural areas in Iran, having to some extent escaped human and urban development and therefore is usually referred to as the precious jewel of northern Iranian nature.


Fauna and Flora

Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge maintains numerous plant and animal species especially migrating birds that enter Iran from northern latitudes. The existence of rare animal and plant life must be counted as one of the most distinctive features of this setting especially within the southern Caspian coast. Since about two-thirds (288 species) of bird fauna pass through this natural resort, Miankaleh could be identified as the main center of bird watching in Iran. Except for spring and summer in which there is a relativistic decrease in birds population and species, in most times of the year, especially in autumn which is the main migration period, birds such as ducks, pelicans, flamingos, eggerts, cormorants, swans, teals, white-tailed sea eagles, francolins, Caspian pheasants and several more other aquatic and semi-aquatic birds are seen within this area. Large attendance of birds also brings to mind their nutrition resources, i.e. the numerousness of aquatic species especially fish, which is a strong attraction for those who like fishing.

Entrance of tourists into Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge has to be conformed with the local environment protection organization, which could be done by your travel coordinator in Iran.


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