Meymand Village

Also known as: Maymand Troglodytic Village, Meimand Village

A Live Ancient Village

The troglodyte village has been dug into the walls of a valley. It is believed to have been built by primary people thousands of years ago. Thanks to its rocky structure, the village has remained intact. Local residents still live in the village created by their ancestors.


Iran’s Cappadocia

Meymand village is similar to Cappadocia in Turkey. It is smaller but much more private. The village consists of over 400 caves including 2560 rooms. The houses have been built in four or five stories, one on top of the other, featuring a rural architecture. Hemmed in by the desert and a mountain, the village enjoys a mountainous climate. The caves dug deep into rocks provide ideal shelters to withstand the cold winters and hot summers.


Pre-Islamic History

There is a fire temple in the village showcasing the pre-Islamic history of the village. The site is now used as a museum featuring loads of interesting ancient tools including kitchen appliances and tools. There is also a restored traditional bathhouse in the village.


Celestial Silence

There is a large inn in the village which is used to host tourists. Spending the night in one the caves in the village is a wonderful experience. As the darkness falls, the village plunges into a celestial silence making it a perfect time for strolling around and breathing in the fresh air.

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