Menar Jonban

Also known as: Shaking Minarets, Menar-e-jomban

Menar Jonban is an ancient monument including two shaking minarets, situated in the historic city of Isfahan. Menar Jonban literally means shaking minarets. The two shaking minarets have been erected above a mausoleum in which a 13 century mystic called Amu Abdollah Soqla has been laid to rest. The monument is believed to have been constructed during the Safavid dynasty era (15th-17th centuries). The minarets have been designed by prominent Iranian scholar, philosopher, architect, mathematician, Sheikh Bahaee.


Shaking Minarets
The brick minarets feature coupled oscillation. They have been built in a way that if one of them is shaken, the other one will also move. Up until several years ago, tourists were allowed to climb up the minarets and shake them. But now, one person has been assigned to do so as part of efforts to preserve the historical site, which has already withstood the test of time for hundreds of years.


The mausoleum contains special brickwork featuring 15 century architecture which is quite unique. The two minarets are 17 meters high from the ground level. The monument is also surrounded by a beautiful small garden. It is worth a visit especially for those interested in ancient Persian architecture.

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