Martian Mountains

Also known as: Miniature Mountains, Mars Mountains

Surreal Sight

The Mars Mountains, or Koohaye Merikhi in Persian, is a set of unusual-looking rocks. Visitors interested in natural Earth occurrences or something new may like to check this out because such a scene has not yet been found elsewhere.  


Any relation to the Red Planet itself?

The strange mountains have somehow been neatly laid out parallel to the Gulf of Oman. But weather conditions did not allow plants or trees to grow in close proximity of the rocks throughout the millenniums. Aside from the dry surroundings, the torn and very pointed rocks stand in strong contrast with the landscape around them. This is why the location earned the title Martian Mountains by local residents, as it seemed as though aliens or beings from Mars constructed them.    


Reason for the occurrence

The physical presence of these rocks has been caused by millions of years of rainfall and wind exposure. The Martian Mountains were reportedly buried in the first place under large stacks of soil and they eventually became visible after a long process throughout the centuries.  


Tips for the trip!

1. Make sure you have bottles of water with you when visiting the Mars Mountains. The constant dry heat there has a knack for causing dehydration, especially when you’re walking around.  
2. If you’re an artist or want to draw something new, bring a high-quality camera. The unique phenomenon could spring fresh ideas for future works of art.
3. Dress comfortably and watch the footwear e.g. good trainers or walking boots.The land around the Mars Mountains may feel quite different to what you usually walk on.

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