Lut Desert

Also known as: Dasht-e Lut, Dasht-e Loot, Loot Desert


Covering 10% of the whole Iran, Lut Desert is a magnificent and beautiful lowland located at the center of Iranian Plateau surrounded by three provinces of Iran.     
A land of various and never-ending attractions; Gandom Beryan volcanic field, beautiful city of Kaluts (Yardangs), Shur and Loot perennial streams, not to mention one of the hottest points on Earth. An even and level land offering endless serenity, like nothing you have ever seen before. Lut desert is the first natural site in Iran which has been added in the  UNESCO World Heritage list in July 2016.

What to See

With a never-ending array of attractions, you are never short of places to visit; but the most well-known and easily accessible attractions are as follows:
* Kaluts (Yardangs) region, known as the world’s largest clod city, with a panoramic view of ruins of a huge abandoned city in the middle of the desert.        
* Godarbarut, a vast area covered in brown, grey and black sand and gravel is another unique sight to be seen in this desert.   
* Sand dunes as high as 1575 feet - being 590 feet higher than sand dunes anywhere else - can be spotted at this vast desert. 
* Desert flowerpot (Nabkha) is another wonder of this lowland. These natural phenomena are a blend of sand dunes and plants giving a miraculous beauty to this barren lowland.     
* Gandom Beryan and other attractions can be found and visited on the road, but not without local guides, special equipment and four-wheel drive cars.

When to Visit    

You are recommended but not limited to visit this lowland in daytime. Two hours is enough to visit the must-see attractions with your local guide. Due to its terrain, everyone can easily explore the region on foot and on a vehicle. you can aloso check 7 days  lut desert weather forecast to be more prepared about the type of clothing in advance.

Where to Stay

Rural houses accommodate overnight visitors, if arranged in advance. Also, there are a handful of traditional eateries and inns in the roadside villages.


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