Lar National Park

Also known as: Park-e Melli-e Lar

Lar protected National Park is a 30.000 hectare nonresidential area on the south-western foot of Mount Damavand (the highest mountain in Iran, 5610 m). There are different types of plants, birds, mammals, and herpetofauna in this national park. There is also an earthen dam in the area filled with various flows which is home to a rare Salmonidae family of fish.
This dam inside Lar national park is only 70 km away from Tehran and can be accessed by vehicles via Road 77 (Haraz Road). Lar dam is a major tourist attraction, especially in warm months. Many people come to this park for the fresh air and the beautiful natural scenes. It is also a good fishing spot in open season from June to September.

Geographical Location

The main road to Lar national park is via Tehran – Amol road. After passing Polur, you should take the 3-way intersection toward Lar. Then you should get in Latyan road to reach Ghoosh Khaneh park ranger office. You can also take Rudehen to Ira road to arrive at Ghoosh Khaneh.

Climate and Temperature

Lar national park enjoys a high difference in temperature between the cold months (-37 degrees of Celsius) and hot months (31 degrees of Celsius). The annual rainfall is 553 mm with the highest average of 95 mm in late February to mid-March and the lowest average amount of 14.5 mm in September.  

Flora and Fauna

Lar national park is also important for diverse types of flora and fauna such as notable plants (Cichorium, liquorice, Heracleum persicum, Thymus vulgaris, shallot, Hypericum perforatum, borage, galbanum and multiple species of fungus), birds (grey partridge, heron, cormorant, and eagle), mammals (goat, wild boar, leopard, gray wolf, bear, wild boar, jackal and fox), and herpetofauna (lizard, monitor lizard, and frog).

Important Notes and Tips

•    No cell phone coverage
•    Severe sunshine and no natural shadow (no trees)
•    No drinking water, so having sufficient water supply is necessary
•    Dangerous and venomous snakes
•    Being attentive to the flora and fauna of the park

Nearby Attractions

•    Imamzadeh Hashem (7 km after Abali)
•    Ab Esk Thermal springs
•    Larijan thermal springs (Abgarm Larijan)

If you are interested in going to this beautiful landscape and enjoy what it has to offer, you'd better go with a group. You can also get there with one of the tour guides on PersiaPort.

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