Laft Port

Also known as: Bandar-e Laft, Laft Bandar

Laft Port is located in north part of the biggest island of Iran, Qeshm. While walking in the port, you can easily see the difference between the gulf architecture and other desert architecture in Iran. It is a combined method of Iranian desert, Islamic and Persian Gulf architecture well designed according to the climate and culture of the region. The wind catchers are designed in bigger sizes in order to ventilate humid weather faster.
Such as the most Iranian houses, there is a central courtyard surrounded by rooms, but the houses in Laft port are cooler due to shadow of date trees grown in the courtyard. 

Shipbuilding and carpentry was the traditional profession of local peoples, still available at some parts of the port.
Hara forests of Qeshm, a special flora grows in the edge of the sea, makes the port more attractive. Watching the sunset at coastal line which appears green, will be an unforgettable memory.

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