Kurd House Museum

Also known as: Asef Vaziri House, Asef-e Divan Mansion, Emarate Asef-e Divan, Kurdish house, Khaney-e Kurd

Today, what we call it Kurd house in Sanandaj, was a mansion belonged to Asef-e Divan, who rebuilt the house and made it to current form in Qajar era. Here's the reason we also call it Asef mansion.

It is different for its architecture, with 4 distinct yards including a Biruni (exterior) yard, an Andaruni (interior) yard, a yard for kitchen and a yard for servants while the main yard (Biruni) is more luxurious. There is a special bath which is located in yard which express the owners wealthy. The whole house is decorated with Persian arts.

Asef mansion or Kurdish house is the most complete anthropology museum in Iran, relating Kurdish culture, lifestyle, dress, lyrics, etc.

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