Kharbas Cave

Also known as: Xarbas Cave, Qar-e Xarbas

Kharbas cave is a shelter of early humans lived there since Medians era (728-549 B.C). The cave is a geomorphological site in Qeshm Island which was a sea cave came out from water thousands years ago, but after civilization era it was changed by humans. The rocky architecture is really wonderful.The facade looks like original cave, while the rooms and halls are connected by some corridors which relates early people had done the changes for different reasons. There is 25 square-meter hall digged in rock cliff, probably used for Mithraism temples. There are different ideas about the usage of the caves. Some experts believe they used as a crypt for Zoroastrians (who believed the murder should not be buried in the ground to keep soil clean) or used as a shelter to keep women and children safe from pirates attacked the island from time to time.

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