Khaju Bridge

Also known as: Hasan Beyk Bridge, Pol-e Shah Isfahan, Babarokneldin bridge

On the capital of history of Iran, Isfahan, Zayandehrood river flows in city center. At Shah Abbas era(1587–1629), while Isfahan was at It's peak, he ordered to rebuild Hasan Abad bridge which was made before to the current form and named it Khaju Bridge on the occasion of Khaju district near that.

The bridge also used as a dam,has a building named Shahneshin, preaperd for king and his retinues watching races like swiming and sailing. The bricky structure is famous for elaborate architecture and tile works. The length is about 133 meters, while the width is 12 meters.

It is a popular one, so that you can never forget the evening next to Zayandehrood river on Khaju bridge!

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