Kavir National Park

Also known as: National Park of Kavir

Go on a safari in ‘Little Africa’
Given its diverse wildlife, Kavir National Park is known as Iran’s ‘little Africa.’ The 4,000 square kilometer national park is home to a variety of birds and animals including the endangered Asiatic cheetah (Iranian cheetah), ovises, gazelles as well as hyenas and foxes. Flamingos, wild geese, and ducks can also be found in the Salt Lake in the western part of the park. The park is an ideal place for camping and going on safaris! Thanks to its untapped nature, you can feel very close to wildlife. 


Ancient Monuments
There are several historical monuments in the desert area. Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai, built by Sassanid King Bahram V (420–438 AD) is one of the ancient sites located in the desert park. It was later reconstructed by Safavid King Shah Abbas (1571-1629 AD) and was used as a caravansary. The monument has stood the test of time and is in good shape. There are several other caravansaries in the area.

Rural Life
The desert park is surrounded by more than 180 villages. Spending the night in one of these villages among the hospitable villagers and trying their traditional foods will set an unforgettable memory. You may also find nomadic tribes residing in these villages, with their own unique cultures and costumes.



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