Karim Khan Citadel

Also known as: Arg of Karim Khan, Arg-e-Karimkhani

Karim Khan Citadel in Shiraz shows you how a unique mixture of military might and art can come together to produce a superb stronghold. Karim Khan, the founder of the Persian Zand dynasty, mobilized the best architects and artisans of the time to build the structure. The construction material was shipped-in from across Iran and abroad to erect the towering rampart. The result was a sprawling complex which Karim Khan used as both his living place and military center.


General overview

The citadel has a land area of 4,000 square meters, enclosed by four large brick and stone walls which are punctuated by four circular towers on each corner. But guess what! One of the towers is heavily tilted just like the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.



Inside the citadel lie the court and a magnificent Iranian garden which accounts for 80 percent of the entire structure's land area. The rooms are elegantly painted with gold powder. You are also presented with wax statues of men bowing to the king, which helps revive the setting of the court. Elsewhere stands the bathhouse with its decorated walls, fountains and clay pipes for transferring hot and cold water. What more could a khan want?


Get a taste of life!

But it’s not just the interior that’s worth visiting. Outside of the monument you can treat your taste buds to a Faloodeh Shirazi, a unique frozen treat consisting of rice vermicelli mixed in syrup and rose water, or take-in the fiesta-like atmosphere pervading the surrounding.


Karim Khan Citadel Virtual Tour

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