Kalout Shahdad

Also known as: Shahdad Kalouts, Shahdad deserts, Kalouts

Kalout Shahdad includes an 11,000 square kilometer area in the middle of Lut Desert. The area is said to be one of the hottest spots on earth.


Sandy Pyramids

What makes Kalout Shahdad unique, is amazing wind-sculpted dunes created over the course of thousands of years. Known as the city of kalouts (dunes), the huge desert area holds natural sky-scrapers carved out of sand hills. The fantasy-land structures have added to the mystery of the desert. There are up to 500 meter grit hills in the desert, which can be used as towers to get spectacular views.


Historical Ruins

Ruins of castles and caravanserais from Sassanid era (224 AD to 651 AD) suggest that there used to be an active area in the past. Autumn and early spring are the best times to visit the area.


Sand and Silence

Here, there is only sand and silence. No signs of life can be seen these days. There is no vegetation at all. Winds blowing through the lofty sandy pyramids across the desert create a wonderful environment. Kalout Shahdad is a great place for watching sun rise and sun set.


Starry Sky

There is a special desert camp designated to host tourists who want to stay the night in desert. Spending the night under the sky and watching the crystal clear stars is a life-time experience which can never be forgotten.

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