Jiroft Archeological Site

Also known as: Jiroft Historical Site

Jiroft Archaeological Site is a vast area including archaeological sites where many Bronze Age artifacts have been discovered. There are more than 100 historical sites in the 400-kilometer stretch of land. It is speculated that the site may have been home to the lost Aratta Kingdom (mentioned in Sumerian myths dating back to 5000 years ago).


Konar Sandal
Konar Sandal is one of the most important archaeological sites in the area. It consists of two mounds a few kilometers apart. The site is believed to have been home to an ancient pre-Iranic civilization. Ancient tablets have been discovered in the area. Also, remains of a two-story windowed citadel have been found.


The area is a must see for lovers of archaeology and ancient mystery. The historical site is open to public. There is too much to discover in this archaeological site which is still shrouded in mystery.

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