Jashak Salt Dome

Also known as: Dashti salt dome, Kuh-e-Namak

Eye-catching salt cascades, domes and icicles have made Jashak Salt Dome one of the most popular tourist attractions in southwest Iran. Located between the Deyr and Dashti regions of Iran’s Bushehr province, the dome is one of the largest and most beautiful of its kind in the Middle East. The natural beauty covers an area of 4.5 kilometers and its tallest peak is 1350 meters above sea-level.


Stunning Scenery
Visitors to the area will be mesmerised by the white salty rocks of the dome, soaring into the sky like a towering snow-covered mountain. The dome’s salt glaciers are among its most stunning features. They are created when a rising diapir in the salt dome breaches the surface. The glaciers of Jashak Salt Dome can be mostly seen in its north-western parts.

Nature-lovers can also enjoy the numerous salt cascades and their breathtaking icicles. The cascades show the original flow of salt-rich water, which evaporated during the warmer months of the year, forming beautiful salt cascades.

Jashak Salt Dome also boasts a number of caves created as a result of the dissolving of salt residues. Beautiful salt crystals can be seen inside the caves in the form of stalactites and stalagmites. Jashak Salt Dome was included in Iran’s National Natural Heritage list in 2000.

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