Jameh Mosque of Naein

Also known as: Masjid-e-Jāmeh Nā'īn, grand mosque of Naein, Jameh Mosque of Nain, Naiin Jam'e Mosque, Naein congregational mosque, Nayeen Congregational Mosque

It is one of the earliest mosques which is built in Isfahan province after Islam (10th century AD), that’s why the architecture is pretty simple in comparison with later ones. The only materials used in this mansion are brick and stucco which are the main materials of desert climate buildings.

You can see the artfully brick arts among the mosque, in vaults and arcades. There is just one 28-meter high minaret which is different from Seljuq style (1037-1194 AD).

The pillars of wall are designed by Eslimi motifs in stucco works. The altar is one of the most beautiful ones, decorated with stucco art, while beside wooden pulpit is inscripted by Iranian Sols calligraphy.

Although Jameh Mosque of Naein is not as luxurious as the subsequent ones, it is relating the first steps of Iranian-Islamic combined architecture, interesting for the enthusiasts of architecture.

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