Isfahan Pigeon Tower

Also known as: Isfahan Kabutar Khaneh, Isfahan Kabutar Khana

Isfahan Pigeon Tower
A cylindrical brick tower specifically made to house pigeons and doves. The birds were kept for their flesh and dung, which was replete with nitrogen, and used as great fertilizer for growing plants. Pigeon towers were commonly used in central Iran especially during Safavid dynasty (1502–1736).


Unique Structure
The pigeon tower is up to 14 meters high and it has been designed in a way to allow sunlight to easily penetrate into the tower. Thanks to its porous walls, the pigeon towers are well-conditioned, keeping it cool in summer and protecting the birds against freezing winter blizzards. These historic structures are seen as an example of coexistence between humans and wildlife in old days.


Safe Haven
Each pigeon tower used to house thousands of pigeons. The holes on the walls were designed in a way that predator birds could not enter the pigeon towers. Also, strong smelling herbal substances were used to stave off reptiles and prey animals like wolves.

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