Isfahan Bazaar

Also known as: Qeysarriyeh Bazaar

Isfahan Bazaar is far beyond a casual shopping center. Known as one of the oldest and biggest bazaars in the Middle East and Iran, the 17th century trade center is seen as a museum showcasing Iranian-Islamic culture and art.


Unique Architecture

The structure of the Bazaar includes a two kilometer street consisting of roofed corridors. It also features a vaulted ceiling, skylights, and latticed windows as well as gorgeous tile works and arches. Neither the hustle and bustle of Bazaar nor the colorful handicrafts put on display can distract the viewers’ attention from the beautiful ancient architecture.  


Clang-Clang of Copper Workers

Isfahan Bazaar has several sections including the copper-smith area where the relentless clang-clang of copper workers poses a deafening challenge for visitors. But stick around when you get there, because you can get a close up look at how some of the magnificent Iranian handicrafts are being made by magnificent craftsmen. You can also find artists creating miniature works including intricate carvings in other parts of the market. There are also many shops selling beautiful Persian carpets and rugs. Isfahan is seen as one of the carpet hubs of Iran.


Buying Souvenirs

The shops in the traditional bazaar sell almost everything you need to buy as a souvenir; from jewelries and miniatures to handicrafts and tiles. Don’t forget the traditional restaurants and tea houses where you can find many helpful people eager to talk to foreign tourists and make your trip much more interesting.


Isfahan Bazaar virtual tour

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