Imam Mosque

Also known as: Masjed-e Shah, Abbasi Jame Mosque, Soltani Mosque

Its History

Imam Mosque (Masjed-e Shah) was built back in 1629, order by Safavid King Shah Abbas. The construction of the mosque took 18 years. The creators took their time to create this masterpiece, so that you can take your time to take-in everything it has to offer: such as the excellent use of color, light and architecture, intricate tile designs and harmonious calligraphic inscriptions. All this together has turned the mosque into a masterpiece of Persian architecture. The mosque has withstood test of time during the past several centuries.


Turquoise Dome

When you enter Naqsh-e Jahan Square in the historic city of Isfahan, you will notice a glorious turquoise dome surrounded by two lofty minarets. The charm of the 17th century mosque is simply irresistible, attracting tourists from Iran and around the world.


Incredible Harmony

Everything, from the floral designs of the turquoise tiles to the symmetrical patterns used in the picturesque entrance portals is in harmony with the environment. In fact, it is the unity of the overall design which totally impresses the viewers.


Great Acoustics

The mosque has a great acoustic environment. You can stand on the square under the main dome and clap to hear the echo!  This incredible acoustics alleviates the need for loudspeakers, making slightest noises audible across the whole mosque.


Peaceful Environment

Walking in the peaceful courtyards of the mosque and marveling at the genuine Persian-Islamic arts used in complex is a lifetime experience. Words fail to describe this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a must-see!


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