Heidarzadeh House

Also known as: Heydarzade House, Heydarzadeh House

Tabriz, the residence of Qajar crown princes, is ranked as the 2nd largest collection of old traditional houses of Iran. 300 houses including this one, are known so far and most of them are in possession of the Cultural Heritage Organization, restored and well maintained. When in Tabriz and in need of further information about East Azarbaijan province  you may go to Heidarzadeh House in Maghsoudiyeh quarter. It is now in service as Tourist Information Site.

Haji Habib Lak was the designer and builder of this imaginary residence of Tabriz dignitaries. 900 Sq. meters and two story house has been also the residence of Haji Gholi Khan Sartip (brigadier general). Consisting of two separate courtyards and a glorious hall with carved wooden windows in between. The pleasant cozy atmosphere of the basement with its blue pond and fountains in the middle is fantastic.

This house, registered as national heritage since 2004, is full of artworks such as embossed painting between the bricks and light catchers on walls and ceilings, stucco carvings, wood carvings on doors and windows, metal hand rails, wall paintings, and colorful window glasses. Iranian artists and craftsmen have created an exceptional environment giving you a delightful sense you may feel nowhere else in the world.

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