Hamedan Stone Lion

Also known as: Shir-e Sangi, Stone Lion Statute

Current Hamadan city was a metropolitan of ancient world due to Ecbatana city (the capital of Medes 700 B.C). After Medes, Ecbatana became summer capital of subsequent dynasties. As it was an active city during Parthian Empire between  247 BC – 224 AD (we are not sure about the exact time) the sculpture of two lions were built in the entrance gate of the city as guards to protect the city. The lions kept to protect the city for at least 1000 years till Deylamian dynasty attacked Hamadan at 931 A.D. Mardavij (The Deylamian king) decided to move the lions to Rey city, but he couldn’t to lift them, so he destroyed one of the lions and broke the other one’s claw and fell it on the ground.

Alone lion was lied on the ground until the middle of 20 century the architect Seyhoon (designer of Avecina Tomb) ordered to put it to current place which was a mound dating back to Partian Mound. Today the mound is a square to the same name Shir-e Sangi (means stone lion) and the lion is still protecting the ancient city!

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