Golestan Palace

Also known as: Golestan Palace Museum, Kāx-e Golestān, Kakh-e Golestan

Deep inside the historical district of Tehran, you can find one of Tehran's must-see attractions. A collection of palaces built during the reign of Qajar kings.


Palace of Palaces

Golestan Palace is actually an extension of Safavid-era constructions at Tehran's central entry point. At the entrance you need to choose which parts of the complex you want to visit - take all of them of course!

You will need a bit more than an hour to visit all the six palaces and the interconnecting evergreen garden.

The highlight of your visit here would be Shams-ol Emareh, built 150 years ago on the eastern corner of the complex. The building that you see today was once the tallest in Tehran and was also the city's first structure to be built out of metal. The touch of art is crystal clear in the colorful tiles on the floor and pictures of European landscapes on the walls of the five-story building.


Royal Timing

And guess where the clock on top of Shams-ol Emareh has come from? It's a gift from Queen Victoria to the Qajar family.   
Other features include the big marble king's bed, the glass works and also the mirror work used as main decoration of royal reception halls.

The whole complex embodies a delicate integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with influences from 18th and 19th century Europe.

This lavish place has been witness to coronations of Qajar and Pahlavi kings.


Golestan Palace Virtual Tour

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