Golestan National Park

Also known as: Golestan Jungle

Four Season Park
Golestan National Park is one of the largest national parks in Iran. Thanks to its woodland ecosystem, the 87,000 hectare park features tremendous picturesque natural attractions, in all four seasons. Summer, spring and fall are the best seasons for spotting wildlife with the winter presenting a spectacular landscape.


Out of Track Paradise
The national park includes forests, steppes, lush green fields, steep rocky cliffs as well as marsh habitats. There are also very beautiful valleys and mountains in the Caspian region, making it a perfect location for hiking and mountain climbing.


A Haven for Wildlife
Wild goats, leopards, wolves as well as deer are among the many species of animals that can be spotted in the park. There is no need to worry about anything, there are tour guides there to show you all you need to know and keep you very safe. Spring and summer are the best times for bird lovers, when they can see diverse species of birds.


Oucher Spring
There are several beautiful waterfalls in Golestan national park.  If you visit the park in spring, don’t miss the 110 meter Oucher waterfall, the highest water fall in Iran.

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