Golestan Kuh

Also known as: Golestan Mountain, Golestan Kouh-e Khansar

You have only one month time to enjoy watching masses of reversed wild tulips in such a large field at this scale (April to May). Golestan Kuh is among the largest fields of reversed tulips on the skirts of Zagros ranges at 3631 meters altitude from the sea level and adjacent to Khanssar Township in Isfahan province.


Weeping Tulip

Motives of this mythical and royal flower are carved on stone works beside the Sassanid kings inscriptions, as silent witnesses of historical events of that time .They are also mentioned in Iran’s mythology in Grief of Siavash in Ferdowsi book, Shahnameh. Due to these fictions tulips are named as “Tear of Mariam ’Tear of Siavosh “and “Tear Tulip”


Field of Medicinal plants

Large varieties of Astragalus, Thyme and other herbs are neighboring these tulips in Golestan Kuh, and have made this region a research center of medical herbs for herbalists and researchers.

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