Goharshad Mosque


The mosque has been named after Goharshad, the wife of a Timurid ruler, who ordered its construction back in 1418 AD. The mosque is seen as a masterpiece of Iranian-Islamic architecture, boasting dazzling decorative manpower.


Within Razavi Shrine

Goharshad Mosque used to be a free standing mosque for decades but now it is located within Imam Reza's (Shia Muslims 8th Imam) shrine complex after the expansion of the holy shrine. The 9,400 square meter mosque has been described as the most populated mosque in Iran, hosting thousands of pilgrims visiting Razavi Shrine every day. The mosque has four iwans, and six entrance gates.


Turquoise Dome

The lofty turquoise dome flanked by two minarets can be seen from outside of the shrine complex. The dome is 41 meters high and has been decorated with Kufic inscriptions. The portal of the mosque boasts one of the most beautiful architectural designs used in ancient mosques in Iran. It has been bedecked with dazzling tile-work, featuring unique Islamic inscriptions.


Arch within arch

This 15th century mosque is a must-see for those interested in Persian-Islamic architecture. The portal of the mosque, with its Samarkand style of arch-within-arch followed by a succession of bevels, has made the structure truly awe-inspiring.

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