Gilan's Rural Heritage Museum

Also known as: Guilan Rural Heritage Museum

Right in the heart of the natural Forest Park of Saravan, in an area of around 260 hectares, lies a calm peaceful village; well, not actually a village, but a museum designed especially to create a nostalgic feeling for the visitors.


Lively Museum

The Rural Heritage Museum is about 15 kilometers away from Rasht, the capital city of Gilan province in north of Iran. It’s an incredible and unique Eco-Museum that has been established in order to represent the lifestyle and traditional culture of Gilan’s villagers.   


Unique Architecture

Here you can see extraordinary architecture which is at the same time very simple. These beautiful houses consist of three parts, a land for growing rice, rice storage and circular columns to prevent rats from attacking the rice. The roofs are made with rice stalks called "Gali". What’s more, the structure of the houses have been designed and built to endure floods. Overall, six to seven houses and other structures from different villagers across Gilan have been reassembled here in this museum.


Eco-Friendly Exhibition

Throughout the year, Gilan’s Rural Heritage Museum is home to a number of exhibitions. That includes handicrafts, architectural maps of Gilan’s rural buildings and local clothing which reflect the religious beliefs of its residents. The museum also entertains visitors with a variety of local theaters, shows, music, games and sports.

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