Ghalaghiran Mount

Also known as: Ghala Ghiran Mount

Few kilometers west of Ilam, the capital city of Ilam Province, there is an outstanding mountain, called Ghalaghiran. 
Zagros Mountain Ranges, covering the west part of Iran like a wall stretching from northwest to southwest, is famous for its unique morphology, as Ghalaghiran Mount speaks to this fact. 
As a natural attraction, the mount and its adjacent grasslands are the main picnic site for the locals. Known as Ilam symbol, surprisingly, it is believed the designer of Azadi Tower of Tehran was, also, inspired by its awe and drafted the design of Azadi Tower after this mount.

How to Get There

In order to get to Ilam, there are some weekly flights from Tehran. It is, also, worth driving there; you need to take Tehran-Hamadan freeway. As the road coils through Zagros Mountains range, you definitely will have a whale of time on the road. 


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