Gavart Pigeon Towers

Also known as: Gavart borj kabootar khaneh, Gavart Borj-E Kabutar,

Pigeon Towers are one of the unique components in Isfahan architecture. Pigeon towers were used to accumulate pigeon dung which considered as a valuable fertilizer in agriculture.

Gavart is a village near Isfahan was holding 20 pigeon towers. These towers were the apex of creativity in Iran architecture, built from clay, chaff and salt to protect pigeons from heat and cold during summer and winter. They are a kind of cylinder with a narrow entrance to obstruct dangerous animals like bigger birds and snakes. There are hundreds of niches on the internal wall as nests for pigeons. These small holes on the wall had made the pigeon towers one of the first earthquake-resistant buildings in the world.

Gavart village is known by the city of pigeon towers, and the towers are used as a tourist attraction.

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