Fin Garden

Also known as: Bagh-e Fin

Typical Persian Garden

With its magnificent beauty and fine architecture, some historians believe the uniquely royal garden which was designed in the 16th century during the rule of Safavid king, Shah Abbas (1588 –1629) is the epitome of the Persian Garden. For those interested in world-famous architecture: it has been added to the World Heritage Sites list. Walk inside the garden and you will immediately spot water channeled through a series of turquoise-colored pools and fountains, continuing on down the main road in Joobs (canals).


Heaven in Middle of Desert

The calming breezes from among the tree lanes make you forget that you are in the middle of an Iranian desert. And moments later, a two-storey pool house appears before your eyes, and now you are ready to imagine the king lying comfortably in the royalty of colors and lights wafted on the evening breeze.  

This tranquil site is also home to cedar trees that are said to be 500 years old. A wonderful fragrance catches your attention just before you notice orange trees, and here you are right to recall the contrastive colors of a Chinese garden.


Story of Heroes and Villains

The Fin Garden is where Amir Kabir, a prominent politician from the Qajar era, was killed by the order of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar in 1852. The chief minister was imprisoned in Fin Garden and slained in its bathhouse. Step inside it, and you will see mannequins bringing the drama into life. The cool air from the garden turns to heat with the tragedy called to mind, so walk back to the line of fountains and flowers if you feel that you need refreshment from the steam at your elbow.

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