Filband Village

Known as the roof of Mazandaran Province, Filband Village is 2700 meters high, next to sky. Almost always the village is laying against an ocean of clouds, extending deep into horizon, the ocean which is very calming and tranquilizing for the visitors. 


The climate in this area is so varying that at the very same day, you can experience a wide range of weather conditions, from cloudy, foggy, rainy and torrential rains to breezy, hail and snowy in the colder seasons. Interestingly, in summer, while the downhill weather is sultry, you can experience a mild, pleasant weather in the high-altitudes of Filband. 

Landscape and Appeal

On sunny days, due to its height, you would experience such a great vantage point, viewing downhill forests, moors and villages. Visiting Filband Village give this chance to its visitors to, 1) have a view of of Alborz peaks range on south and Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests, green valleys and livestock brazing on hillsides on north, 2) rest in wooden cottages of the village while watching the clouds flowing smoothly, and 3) to sip hot cup of rustic-brewed tea.
It is to be noted that the area has harsh winters, leaving the village un-inhabited for almost 7 months. 

How to Get There

Located amid Alborz Mountain Range, the only access road is through Haraz Road of Tehran-Amol. After driving for 162 kilometers, you get to Filband access road. From then on, you have to drive another 29 kilometers through the ups and downs of Alborz Mountains, as this 29-kilomerter road coils through the mountains. 

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