Dowlatabad Garden

Also known as: Dolatabad Garden

Dowlatabad Garden is among the nine Persian gardens registered on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. The lush garden was built in the mid-18th century for Karim Khan Zand, the then king of Iran, in the historical city of Yazd. To create this garden and to supply its water, a 65-kilometer-long chain of qanats (underground water channels) were dug from the nearby city of Mehriz all the way to Yazd.


When in Yazd, Explore As The Yazdis Did!

As you enter the luxuriant garden you are met with a long pool leading to the main entrance. Don't miss the taste of the red grapes and pomegranate trees on your way to the mansion. If you like pools, then you will be happy to know that, in addition to the long pool in front of the building, there are some small ones inside the building; therefore, both the inside and out remains cool in summer and the hot weather won’t really be a problem at all.

Once you step closer to the actual mansion, you are treated to Iran's tallest windcatcher: a 33-meter high ventilating tower used to fight the desert heat. Dowlatabad's famous wind tower has octagonal panels that guide the wind inside the building. You can see the unique tower erected on top of Dowlatabad mansion even from downtown Yazd.  


Recreational Beauty

The magnificent estate abounds with a vestibule, a veranda covered with mirror, and a splendid facade. The complex also includes the southern frontispiece building, the summer building or Harem, Behesht (Paradise) building, the mirror hall building, Tehrani building, the main frontispiece building and a double-spanned water cistern. It’s a perfect place to sit back and relax while admiring the magnificent work of art all around you, especially after visiting other famous landmarks and highlights of this desert city.

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