Do Hezar and Se Hezar Forests

Also known as: Do-Hezar Se-Hezar, Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar Forests, Dohezar and Sehezar Forests

Located in Beles Kuh Protected Area, Do Hezar and Se Hezar Forests are known for their pristine forestation and unique landscapes. Getting their names from the local equivalent of river in this region, the labels refers to the number of rivers flowing in each forest; Do Hezar means two rivers and Se Hezar stands for three rivers. 
Having a mild montane weather, the forests are known for their awesome views over mountainous high-altitude grasslands, meadows, nearby congested forests, high-rise surrounding peaks and glaciers. 
During spring, summer and fall, the forest portrays a colorful pane of trees and plants. The locals nurture grains and nuts besides producing artifacts like wool socks and hats, Chokha (a type of men clothing mainly popular in rural areas) and Jajim (a type of traditional hand-woven carpet). 
En route Se Hezar Forest, you drive past villages having great landscapes over the forest. Having the opportunity to take a rest in these lively villages and buy some organic souvenirs like local dairy, honey and, herbs, you will come across awesome waterfalls in the surrounding mountains cracks and clefts. 
Meandering through the mountainous road of Se Hezar Forest, you get to Salmbar mountain ridge and Piche Bon Caravanserai. Located in tropical area, up there, there is a high chance you may see the breathtaking scene of fog covering the whole area. Se Hezar Forest is, also, suitable for overnight camping. 
It is worth mentioning that accommodation setups are in place in Do Hezar Forest for visitors to stay over with full amenities.


Among the animal species of the region, there are red deer, roebuck, porcupine, panther, bezoar ibex, woodpecker, warbler, to name a few. 

How to Get There

You may drive to Tonekabon city through mesmerizing road of Tehran-Chalus. Passing by city of Chalus, you need to drive west, toward Tonekabon. 10 kilometers to Tonekabon City, you get to Khoram Abad junction, from there you have a 20-kilometer ride to reach the forests. 

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