Dizin Ski Resort

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The Vogue magazine has anointed it as the next Aspen. Dizin Ski Resort exotic slopes with sparkling snow offer an unbelievable skiing experience. Tucked among a cluster of peaks and deep gorgeous ravines with a breathtaking pristine landscape, the resort is also a unique backcountry destination for thrill-seekers.


Unique features

Winter destination Dizin is the crème de la crème of Iran’s skiing resorts and one of the best in the Middle East. It offers a longer skiing season than most of the European slopes -- from November to May. At its base, the resort is 350 meters above Europe's highest. The lift travels as high as 3,600 meters to the peak. The slopes get about seven meters of powder snow a year, providing a variety of terrain and making it a perfect place for advanced skiers.



The resort at the heart of Alborz ranges is Iran’s premier skiing destination, firstly, because of its easy access - it is located a stone’s throw from Tehran. Secondly, it has everything you expect from a skiing resort: There are hotels, restaurants, cottages and private apartments providing a cozy space to relax and enjoy. And when you feel it’s time to test your skill on the piste, you will have no troubles finding your favorite slope since the slopes are connected via a network of lifts. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a professional, there are trainers available and so is skiing gear and equipment to buy or hire.


More than skiing

Apart from skiing, overt displays of Iranian hospitality and affection are a regular sight. If you are anticipating vitality and joy, you won’t be disappointed. The Iranian weekends are the best time for adventure and fun for many residents, who wend their ways to snow-capped mountains, so you would be happy to know that you won’t feel alone at all- they are very sociable.

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